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With 30 years in the business with five-star reviews and testimonials, our experience of designing & installing resin bound driveways is second to none; you'll get the driveway of your dreams, on time and on budget. 


Founded in 2018, Lancashire Resin Works was born out of patio and driveway specialists CHW Surfacing Ltd. Due to the demand for resin driveways, patios and paths, it was time for the resin installation team to branch off and become it's own specialist entity. 

Based in Colne, our team have over 30 years experience and have established ourselves as one of the leading firms in the North West of England for providing beautiful and quality driveways, patios and paths.

Why Choose Lancashire Resin Works

30 Years experience

Family owned business

5 Star Google & Facebook reviews

5 Year driveway guarantee

Golden Standard Resin Bound Driveways

Our Ronacrete Ronadeck resin driveways are highly decorative, slip resistant and durable. Resin bonded driveways are also UV stable and a versatile alternative to more traditional paving systems. Resin Bound materials are a mixture of aggregate stones and resin which are used to pave driveways, pathways, patios, footpaths, walkways, pavements and car parks. Our system is permeable, comes in varying colours and is a flexible surfacing material which is highly resistant to cracking.

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Carefully put together to look fantastic and optimised for superior strength, our huge variety of mixes come in many colours, finishes and textures. We have samples that we can show you on site, but here's a selection of our most popular.

Revive your drive with the perfect colour mix

Add extra kerb appeal

No mess. No fuss. Built to last.

Sourcing raw materials from quarries throughout the UK and Europe we are able to produce grades and mixes that our customers require to meet their exacting specifications

We promise, you'll love us too

Resilient, Strong & Durable

Resin bound driveways are highly decorative, slip resistant and durable. All of our aggregate blends include suitable fines and clear quartz sand to improve structural strength and maintain grip.

UV Stable - Retains Colour

Low Maintenance

Permeable & Slip Resistant

Simply sweeping and occasional pressure washing is enough to avoid the build-up of detritus and prevent the growth of moss or algae on any resin driveway, patio or path.

Our resin that holds the aggregates together is UV stable, meaning it does not damage easily in sunlight. This prevents it from breaking down or becoming discoloured, allowing it to retain its quality for many years.

Our resin bound paving system are Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) compliant. It is a fully permeable paving solution which allows water to freely drain through the surface and helps to prevent standing water and slipping.

"We are extremely pleased with our new resin driveway. The work was carried out professionaly by hard working and polite young men and we think it looks amazing. We would highly recommend this firm and thank them for a great job done. ”

Leslie Whitworth (Google Review)

5 Star Google & Facebook reviews

"Excellent work on laying non-slip resin on our drive and ramp. The work was completed on time, the men were courteous and communicative. The preparation was thorough. We couldn't recommend them enough."

Ian Townsend (Google & Facebook Review)

All of the stones used are natural, and are available in a range of sizes and colours, giving you the ability to create a bespoke and individualistic look for your driveway. 

The system is mixed on site and applied cold using a high quality clear resin binder to coat the aggregate particles prior to laying. Our resin and aggregates are thoroughly mixed together to ensure a complete coating and totally bound surface, guaranteed for at least 5 years.



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